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Party People

IdioT-sAvAnT strikes again with a special guest appearance of Carlos Kurlander on lead guitar
oldpeople.jpg (63055 bytes) W.T.F.

jazzy, fresh, bluesy, afro-cuban beat new muzak for OLd PeoPle

rainbow.jpg (57898 bytes)  

Rainbow Heart Mother

Timeless MaNTra SouL MuZaK to open your MIND and HeArT. Just Listen and ReLaX., headphones better. If you have ADD forget about it.

rave.jpg (31662 bytes) RAVE IT UP

Step into this rockin, raving dance tune complete with 1930's dance moves

sympathy3.jpg (51576 bytes)


One of the greatest Rock & Roll songs of all time, written by the Glimmer Twins, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, lovingly adapted and given a chill redeux by IdIoT-SaVant aka Keith Kurlander.

mayan3.jpg (65178 bytes)

Mayan Vision 2012

In "Mayan Vision 2012" IdIOT-SaVant taps into the ancient Mayan unconscious to bring about a VISION. It like a litmus test in that you interpret the VISION through your own prism.


girlz2.jpg (46638 bytes)


Girlz moving sloooowwwwwlllllyyyy

oldworld2.jpg (42730 bytes)

This Old World

Featuring All-Time Favorites George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Occupy Wall Street, Global Warming, Anonymous, Suicide Bombers and the amazing music of IDioT-SaVaNt.


tush.jpg (57790 bytes)


A rockin rollin ode to the Humpa-Bumpa Lady Lumpa's that have been hypnotizing men since the dawn of time.

bushballs.jpg (41025 bytes)

Cowboy Rodeo

A wild journey with Mr. Bush into his elimination cavity.

bigbang2.jpg (51547 bytes)

Big Bang Theory

An original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1986

carival.jpg (47034 bytes)

Carival Freeway

An original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1986

house.jpg (39673 bytes)

House Jam

Idiot-Savant live 85

livespirit.jpg (34864 bytes)

IdioT-SaVanT LiVe at Spirit Club 85

likelife.jpg (35742 bytes)

I Like Life

An original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1989

die.jpg (34208 bytes)

I Want To Die With You

An original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1984

jesus.jpg (49374 bytes)

Jesus Loves You

An original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1989

live2.jpg (38424 bytes)

Idiot-SaVanT, The Rise and Fall

This is a live performance and music video compilation of punk-funk-tribal-voodoo-psychedelic music and imagery from the underground cult band IdiOt-SaVanT from 1983 - 1990.

apartheid.jpg (35593 bytes)


An original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1986

LAURIE.jpg (43187 bytes)


original music video from Idiot-SaVant 1984

backtocrack.jpg (33064 bytes)

Back to the Crack

Idiot-SaVant liVe in 1986

UNDERMYTHUMB.jpg (40096 bytes)

Under My Thumb

an ode to the Rolling Stones from Idiot-SaVant 1983