IdioT-SaVanT is the brainchild of Keith Kurlander, a multitalented renaissance man, who makes muzak, animations, films, TV, art and rude noises.  He started recording as a one man band in 1980. In 1983 started making his groundbreaking cable show called "Rad TV", which featured underground, experimental film and video performance pieces along with cutting edge music videos that MTV wouldn't or couldn't play. You can see show, minus the music videos that the record companies will not allow to play because of copyright nonsense HERE. Bits of it can be seen in "Keith Kurlander, the E True Hollywood Story". During this time he met the boys that would form IdIoT-sAvAnT, the band, which lasted from 1984 -1985.  The best performances were captured on 3/4" videotape and can be seen in "IdIoT-SaVAnT, the Rise and Fall" along with solo music videos that Keith created from the 80's till now.